Indigenous Policy

Loadex Hire is a company with a commitment to Aboriginal communities, heritage and their environment, recognizing the special factors involved with our operational impact.

Loadex Hire’s company policy in this regard is:

• To respect the customs, culture and traditions of Indigenous communities to which our company activities and personnel may come in contact with.

• To consult with Indigenous communities on field operations that may affect Aboriginal economic, cultural or social well-being.

• Identify Aboriginal sites of cultural or religious significance that may be in proximity of civil work or development being completed by our company.

• We pride ourselves in being an equal opportunity employer with a large emphasis on employing local skilled people to undertake projects in their respective areas.

We encourage indigenous organizations to provide where possible contract services should they be needed.

We will endeavor to ensure that these policy guidelines apply in any joint venture in which Loadex Hire has an interest.



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