Pad foot roller hire

Rollers have been around for long time, but they were pulled by horses and oxen in years gone by. Then came the steam-powered roller, followed by combustion engines and finally the super-powered diesel compactors we use today. These came into being as our road and building needs grew. Today we cannot do without the mighty compactor, its job might be simple but it requires great power to execute it efficiently and effectively.

Loadex offers Perth (WA) and Adelaide (SA) industries a range of compactors and roller compactors for hire. Our fleet of Ammann and Bomag compaction rollers ranges from 3.0T multi drum, padfoot rollers and smooth drum vibration rollers to 24T multi-tyred static rollers.

All our large compactors contain quiet operator-friendly cabs with a suspension seat, air conditioning and a built-in radio. Compaction meters are fitted standard to vibratory rollers to provide the operator with better accuracy as to when the optimum compaction level has been achieved. This can provide substantial savings in fuel consumption and machine-hire time.

Safety-wise, our innovative Rops 2 technology (Rops 2) is an early warning and function management system designed to reduce the risk of mobile plant roll over. With high productivity levels and solid built-in safety mechanisms, we provide the ultimate compactor hire solutions.
If you are looking for a padfoot roller, we hire out single padfoot drums from 12T to 18T. These are suitable for cohesive, semi-cohesive and granular materials, as well for building parking areas and trench backfills.

If you are looking to hire a compactor, talk to the experts, as you want to make sure you choose the right roller for the job. More often than not you do not need to buy a roller, that’s when compactor hire is the sensible option, saving you time and money; you get what you want without the enormous capital outlay. Additionally, you can consult with us before renting to make sure you hire an appropriate machine, if it’s not, we will swap it out for something more suitable.
Some jobs require more than one roller, in this case we can rent out numerous different rollers for each specific job. We aim to make life as convenient for you as possible, and strive to help you complete each project in as cost-effective a manner as possible.

Hire a compactor from the compact roller experts.