VM500 Vacuum Excavation
VM1000 Vacuum Excavation
Vacuum Excavation VM2000 and VM3000

Loadex Hire supplies a range of vacuum excavators to assist customers in locating underground utilities safely. These vacuum excavators allow digging around buried utilities without causing damage to them.

The Vacuum Excavation or NON DESTRUCTIVE DIGGING Machines are designed to perform a wide range of cleanup and digging jobs. Equipped with a high pressure water system, the vacuum hydro excavation machines enable you to pot-hole exposed buried utilities to determine their exact location and avoid any damage to the services.

The vacuum excavation systems are available with tank sizes ranging from 1000 to 3000 Liter, Kohler Diesel engines with either 3″ or 4″ vacuum hose and an assortment of tools and accessories to meet your particular job requirements.

The non-destructive digging process uses high pressure water to help break up the hardest soils which can then be removed using the high volume vacuum system. These units are great for cleaning out valve boxes, culverts and vaults to damage free installations of sign posts and guard rails.

Lower costs and Increase profits. By making clean ups fast and simple, reduce the damage claims by knowing exact utility locations.

Keep your customers happy. Complete the job in a professional manner, with a clean and undisturbed job site.

  • Hydraulic operated dumping
  • Quick & easy dumping
  • Petrol or Diesel engine
  • Cyclonic filtration system – Minimises filter cleaning
  • Hepa filters if required

Powerful, flexible and affordable multi purpose vacuum excavation systems.

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